Cleansing Balm

Cleansing Balm

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A calming, nutrient rich Cleansing Balm that has been formulated to instantly soothe, comfort and hydrate your skin whilst gently removing daily pollutants, SPF, excess oils and all traces of makeup.

Experience the magic of Milk Thistle and Chamomile as they provide exceptional anti-inflammatory and calming properties as they help to reduce dryness, inflammation and stress on the skin.  

Cleansing balm will provide an exceptional cleaning experience, your skin will feel fresh, hydrated, instantly soothed and relaxed. 

Naturally scented with herbs and flowers including Jasmine, Patchouli and Chamomile making it the perfect choice of cleanser for all skin types including stressed, delicate and sensitive skin.

This product is proudly Australian Made, 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.    It contains NO Paraben's or sulphate and has no artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.  

Ideal routine step:
AM Cleanse/ Serum / Moisturise / SPF
PM Cleanse/ Exfoliate / Serum / Moisturise

DIRECTIONS - Massage 2-3 pumps of balm onto dry or damp skin.  Work into the skin and over the eyes to gently lift and loosen daily dirt and makeup.  Rinse with warm water, or use a damp Mircrofibre cleansing pad for an extra oomph to your cleansing regime, especially if wear makeup daily, the cleansing pad will ensure that all traces or makeup are removed.

For an extra skin boost try mixing a small amount of Vitamin C Exfoliation Crystals into 2-4 pumps of cleansing balm and work into damp skin for 30 seconds this rinse to remove.  Your glow up will be instant! 

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Our range has been designed to make your skincare journey as simple but effecive as possible. No more mixing and matching several products each day. Our tried and tested formulations will get your skin looking better than ever.

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I am amazed at the difference in my skin in just 2 weeks. The Night Miracle has made my skin look amazing.

Melanie F

Ive tried so many high end skincare products and i can honestly say that my skin is clearer and healthier after using the Resurfacing Cleanser and Night Miracle.

Jenny H
Perth WA

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